Mount Batur

Sunrise view from mount Batur.

Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Beautiful lanscape from Tegalalang rice terrace.

Virgin Beach

Virgin beach or White sand beach the hidden beach.

Lempuyang Temple

The gate of heaven.

Ujung water palace

Ujung Water palace,karangasem kingdom.


Rafting water sport.

Ulun Danu Temple

Bratan lake.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Tanah lot tour

Tanah Lot Tour for Breathtaking View Of Sunset
Tanah Lot Tour is a nice decision if you want to have a half-day tour package in Bali Island. There are some popular destinations in Bali, and Tanah Lot is a great choice for its sunset view. When you explore Tanah Lot, you can do other activities such as exploring Taman Ayun Temple, Alas Kedaton Temple, and others.

Tanah Lot Tour And Places of Interest :

Here are places of interest to complete your Tanah Lot Tour:

1.     Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah lot sunset

It is a Balinese Hindu temple in the middle of the sea. It is constructed on the rock that can be your last stop for your tour. The temple looks beautiful especially to watch during the sunset time. There are many spot points to view this temple so you can get the spectacular view of the sunset and ocean, as well. People  named Tanah lot because it means it is a small island that floats on the sea.

2.     Alas Kedaton Temple

alas kedaton tour
   It is another stop to complete your Tanah Lot Tour. The temple is actually a small forest. The site is in the middle of rice field with a group of monkeys there. Also, the temple is a good habitat for wild animals like a bird, bat, and monkeys. Talking about the temple, it is in the middle of the forest. Balinese believed that the monkeys are the protector of the temple from any bad things.

3.     Taman Ayun Temple

Taman ayun temple

    The location of this temple is in Mengwi District. If you are in Denpasar Town, it only takes about 45 minutes to reach this site. It can be your first stop if you are touring in Tanah Lot. The temple has a beautiful Bali architecture with 10 stories that form this building.
    Additionally, the temple is constructed on flat land. There is a big fish pond that surrounds the temple with its historical values. Therefore, it is the part of World Heritage List.

    Those are the details about your Tanah Lot Tour and itinerary guide.
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Friday, April 26, 2019

The beauty of Amed bali

Amed and its surroundings

    Amed is a tourist area in the Karangasem regency in the eastern part of the island of Bali. Amed is famous with beautiful beaches and amazing underwater scenery. Diving and snorkeling are the most popular activities here. Amed and its surroundings have grown rapidly for the last 10 years, there are more than 200 accommodations that have been operating in Amed and its surroundings, this is does not include dozens of hotels and restaurants that are still under construction.   

   There are many beaches that offer beautiful coral reef views, one of which is the Jemeluk beach. Jemeluk is famous for its beautiful beaches and coral reefs and the most famous of the Jemeluk is the incredible sunset view. 

amed the sunset point

   In the afternoon around 5:00 p.m., hundreds of tourists will meet restaurants and roadside to capture the sunset.   

  To the east there are several beaches that offer beautiful views with white sand beaches and coral reefs.    

      To the east of Amed, there is a village called the Bangle village, located just below the hill of the lempuyang temple the village is famous for its charming riceterrace views and friendly locals. 

bangle village beautiful riceterrace
    Here also comes with 5 flavors of holy water, namely water with 5 different names and 4 different flavors called yeh masem. many tourists visit this place or who are traveling to the lempuyang temple that stops here. There is no hotel or restaurant in this village, but this place is very promising for those of you who want to invest. So don't forget to visit this place when you are on vacation in Amed.   

    The majority of guests who come on vacation here are tourists from France, Germany, USA and others. natural scenery that is still natural and lonely is a consideration for most tourists. So Amed is the best place with a beautiful beach, amazing views of the sunset and sunrise and the best place to relax. For those of you who are on vacation in Bali, Amed is the right choice to relax and enjoy the beauty of the beach.

   We are Leva Tour & travel  organizing such as tours, drop off and pick-up, rafting and trekking. We are local drivers and guides hoping to serve consumers with all our best. So don't hesitate to choose us as your travel agent while in Bali, especially in Amed.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Bali Watersports

Bali Water Sports Tour For Family Vacation
Bali Water Sports tour would be so much fun if you also bring your family to Bali. There, you can enjoy the challenging marine activities. Kids would be so excited because this island offers days full of fun. There are many water activities you can try from motorizes to non-motorizes.

Marine Adventures In Bali Water Sports Tour
If you wonder what you can do to enjoy marine adventures, here are the following activities to do:
1.     Flyboard
bali watersport FlyboardChallenge yourself to ride a Flyboard in the water. It is a new adventure activity that is great because the technique is not easy. If you are great in water skiing, snowboarding, and surfing, this activity is so advancing and so much fun.
2.     Parasailing
bali water sport prasailing
Parasailing is so much fun that you can forget all your problems during your holiday in Bali. Also, Parasailing is safe because it is connected to your speed boat with a rope. It is amazing to see the beautiful view from the top.
3.     Jet Ski
bali jetski watersport
Get ready with your enjoyable experience to ride a jet ski in Bali islands. Jet Ski is one of the best water activities you must do during your trip to Bali.
4.     Donut Boat  
bali donut boat
This is one of the most popular games. It is a new game, and it is a little bit similar to Banana Boat. The difference is shape. Like a donut, you can ride it there with your family or friends to enjoy an exciting adventure.
5.     Water Ski
Bali watersport
Take your time and relax to enjoy your Bali Water Sports tur. You can use this water ski board and let the powerboat pull it so you can go around the beach area. It is amazing to stand upright and then hold the tow rope for a fun watersport activity around the beach.
6.     Flying Fish
Bali watersport flying fish
What you should do is to sit at the side of the tube fish. After that, hold on tightly and you will fly around the beach.
7.     Banana Boat
bali watersport banana boat
Ride this inflatable boat for your water activities around Tanjung benoa beach with your family and friends.
8.     Snorkeling
bali snorkeling
Enjoy snorkeling on this island. The view of the underwater world will amaze you.

Other Bali Water Sports tour and activities you can do are glass bottom boat, ocean walker, and diving. So, enjoy your holiday!
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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Bali round trip guideline

Bali Round Trip Guideline For 3 Days and 2 Nights

     Bali Round Trip can be your vacation plan. This island is beautiful since it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia. If you have no ideas about traveling to Bali, and if it is the first time for you to visit Bali, don’t worry. Today, we have arranged a holiday plan for you. If you only have three days and two nights in Bali, take this plan.

Bali Round Trip And Best Places To Visit

     For the first day, it is the time when you arrive at Ngurah Rai Airport. If you go with a travel agent, they will pick you up and help you to check in at your hotel. 

Ngurah rai international airport
Ngurah Rai international Airport arrival.
    Otherwise, you need to do this alone. In the next day, you can start your journey by going to North Bali. There are some nice sites to visit for your unforgettable Bali Round Trip. For example, you can go to Ulun Danu Temple, Jatiluwih Rice, Gitgit Waterfall, and Lovina Beach. If you still have enough time, you can spend your day by visiting the Banjar Hot Water Spring.

Jatiluwih rice terrace
Jatiluwih rice terrace
    Jatiluwih Rice Terrace is a must to visit because there, you will see a beautiful view of rice terrace. Also, it is one of the heritage lists of Unesco. If you never heard about Ulun Danu Temple, we recommend you to visit it. It offers a beautiful view near beratan Lake. You should not miss Gitgit waterfall because the natural view of this waterfall is amazing with some waterfalls in the village. At Lovina beach, you can see the black sands beach you probably have never seen. Take your time and relax after a tiring day by enjoying the natural hot spring at Banjar Hot Water Spring. Your third day will be your last day so you will take this time to departure from Bali. It is amazing to take your short holiday and join Bali Round Trip now.

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Saturday, April 6, 2019

Bali kintamani tour

A Complete Guide Of Bali Kintamani Tour
    Bali Kintamani Tour is about visiting the active volcano and Batur Lake. It is one of the popular destinations in Bali because the site offers a breathtaking view. Many visitors explained that you should not miss this destination, especially if you love nature. Mount Batur Volcano and Lake Batur in Kintamani Village makes your holiday is impressive. Eventually, you can still visit other tourist destinations.

    What will you do on this tour? By planning the Bali Kintamani Tour, you can visit some places of attractions near Kintamani village as below:

1.     Watching Barong and Keris Dance Performance

ubud tour barong dance

     For this attraction, it is also popular as the Trance Dance. Probably, Barong is the most popular dance. It tells you the story of good and evil. Also, Trance Dance is a classic way of how Balinese acts out mythology. Therefore, it is all about their myth and history.

2.     Visiting Celuk Village

ubud silvermith

     Why should you visit this village?
So, this village is interesting. It is one of the most popular villages in Bali. Also, it becomes a tourist destination. The reason is the local residents have innovative programs. The locals are quite proactive when it comes to gold and silver crafts. In this village, it is the home for artistic, skillful, and professional crafters. They work to design and develop silver and gold in various crafts.

3.     Visit Batuan Village

art painting in bali

    Another village you must visit during your Bali Kintamani Tour is Batuan Village. In this village, you will find some amazing fine art gallery. Also, there are many iconic Batuan paintings to see. The paintings are often dark that tells the legendary scenes or themes such as animal monsters, daily life, and witches.

4.     Visit Kintamani Village

batur kintamani

     So, it is the countryside in a hill with an amazing panorama. The Kintamani Village has a beautiful view with its active volcano, Batur Mount. Also, there is a wide lake, called Batur Lake. The weather is cool with its unique and stunning view in the day time and night. Besides, the natural scenery is at its best especially if you go to Penelokan.

5.     Goa Gajah Temple

elephant cave ubud

     Goa Gajah Temple can be the last destination to complete your Bali Kintamani Tour. It is also popular as Elephant Cave Temple. Besides, this tourism object is the ancient omission. It is full of art and history. There, you can find ancient omissions like douche, stone idol, temple, and others.
    Those are all places you must visit when you are near Kintamani Village. Surely, you will never regret to explore the village. So, take your time, and enjoy your trip.
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Friday, April 5, 2019

Ubud tour agency guideline

Choosing Best Ubud Tour Agency Guideline

     Ubud tour can be overwhelming to choose. You are booking your vacation and it is important to find a reliable agency that can handle your free time in Ubud. So, you have a lot of question come to your minds such as selecting the agencies by scanning their websites, finding reliable accommodations, restaurants, and everything. Also, the situation can be hard.
ubud tour
 Therefore, we provide you a rough guide on how to find a perfect travel agent for your holiday in Ubud.

1. Transparency And Honesty

The main key to build the right relationship between a travel agent and you as their client is transparency and honesty. So, if they want you to become their customer, of course, they should tell their charges and fees, the terms and the conditions of Ubud tour they want to offer. Therefore, it is better to aware of the costs before you book your tour to any travel agency.

2. Saving Your Time

The good thing why you should go with a travel agent is that you can let them handle your booking plan. Also, you can save some amount of money on the airfares since they offer the vacation package. So, you need a travel agent who can save your time and effort to search for flights.

3. Quick Response

We can say that you have found your keeper if your agent replies to you within 24 hours. If your travel agent has a prompt response and is easy to communicate, they are great to go with.

4. Interest

Looking for a Ubud tour agency is like having a speed dating. Here, you just want to talk to someone who interested in you. Besides, if you find any travel agents who cannot take your requests, forget them. In fact, your tour agency can be your potential keeper if they actively try and navigate your tour and offer any possible alternatives to deal with any issues you may be having during your trip. Additionally, if they can listen to your want to get out of your holiday, they are a potential agency.

5. Destination Knowledge Of Ubud Tour

It is fine if your travel agent may not have been any destinations you want to go to. Honestly, it sounds weird and uncomfortable to go with an agent who has a deep local knowledge of each site in Ubud. If we have to choose, we would like to have a tour agency with the agent that has a willing to know more about your destination options. For example, this agent does not mind to take his time to do a little research about the sites.