Amed village tour

   Traditional Village Tour Package

 For those of you who are on vacation in Bali, especially for those who are on vacation in the Amed area, we offer a tour package to visit traditional villages. Visiting a traditional village is a fun activity. You can interact with the surrounding community, take a closer look at their lives. 

Bangle village

You can also see the style of the building, how they farm and so on. We offer tour packages to visit 2 traditional villages, namely Bangle and Cangwang Village. First we visit the village of Bangle, here we can see the beauty of rice fields and the activities of the locals. Then the journey continues to visit a holy spring called "Yeh Masem". 

Holy spring

This spring is very sacred and sacred by the locals. This spring is believed to cure a disease. We can see the unspoiled nature around this place. 

bangle village

Then the trip will continue to the next village, namely Cangwang village. 

Cangwang village

This village is located on a plateau with sloping land conditions. Here we can see houses that are still traditional, and see the local plantations. 

Cangwang traditional village

Cangwang village

Then we will walk about 30 minutes to a place where we can see a very beautiful sunset view against the background of Mount Agung. 

sunset from Cangwang village

    This is the end of this trip, after finishing seeing the sunset we will continue back to your hotel. I'm as a driver and also as a guide on this tour, will accompany you during this trip.
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