Land for lease in Amed

Bali is the main destination for foreign tourists in Indonesia, in 2018 there were more than 6.3 million tourists visiting Bali. With many tourists coming to Bali, there are many business opportunities. Many investors from various countries come to open businesses in Bali such as hotel, restaurant, shop, dive shop and many more.
Amed is one of the regions that experienced rapid development in the tourism industry, located in Karangasem regency. Amed is very famous for its many places for diving and snorkeling, has fascinating underwater scenery.

Coral reefs, colorful fish are very easy to find in this area. Amed is also famous for its beautiful sunset views with the background of Mount Agung. Areas that are still quiet make this place much hunted by investors. Of the many places that already contain hotels and restaurants, there is one area that investors begin to glance  namely Bangle Village.

This village is famous for its beautiful views of the rice terrace, although the rice field area is not as wide as the Ubud area or sidemen but this place is like an oasis in a desert.

 The friendly residents and traditional activities are very valuable plus points, besides being famous for their rice terraces this village is also famous for its 5 taste springs called Yeh Masem.
The most popular temple called the gate of heaven is only about 7 km or about 20 minutes by scooter. So this place is perfect for building inns and restaurants. I think the private villa is perfect here, while for restaurants it is very suitable to build a restaurant with a natural concept.
 From sunset point it is only about 5 km, and 4 km to the nearest beach. I'm as a local people here and also a land owner offer join work or rent out the land to the investors. Don't miss this opportunity, before this place becomes crowded and more expensive.

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