The beauty of Amed bali

Amed and its surroundings

    Amed is a tourist area in the Karangasem regency in the eastern part of the island of Bali. Amed is famous with beautiful beaches and amazing underwater scenery. Diving and snorkeling are the most popular activities here. Amed and its surroundings have grown rapidly for the last 10 years, there are more than 200 accommodations that have been operating in Amed and its surroundings, this is does not include dozens of hotels and restaurants that are still under construction.   

   There are many beaches that offer beautiful coral reef views, one of which is the Jemeluk beach. Jemeluk is famous for its beautiful beaches and coral reefs and the most famous of the Jemeluk is the incredible sunset view. 

amed the sunset point

   In the afternoon around 5:00 p.m., hundreds of tourists will meet restaurants and roadside to capture the sunset.   

  To the east there are several beaches that offer beautiful views with white sand beaches and coral reefs.    

      To the east of Amed, there is a village called the Bangle village, located just below the hill of the lempuyang temple the village is famous for its charming riceterrace views and friendly locals. 

bangle village beautiful riceterrace
    Here also comes with 5 flavors of holy water, namely water with 5 different names and 4 different flavors called yeh masem. many tourists visit this place or who are traveling to the lempuyang temple that stops here. There is no hotel or restaurant in this village, but this place is very promising for those of you who want to invest. So don't forget to visit this place when you are on vacation in Amed.   

    The majority of guests who come on vacation here are tourists from France, Germany, USA and others. natural scenery that is still natural and lonely is a consideration for most tourists. So Amed is the best place with a beautiful beach, amazing views of the sunset and sunrise and the best place to relax. For those of you who are on vacation in Bali, Amed is the right choice to relax and enjoy the beauty of the beach.

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