Tanah lot tour

Tanah Lot Tour for Breathtaking View Of Sunset
Tanah Lot Tour is a nice decision if you want to have a half-day tour package in Bali Island. There are some popular destinations in Bali, and Tanah Lot is a great choice for its sunset view. When you explore Tanah Lot, you can do other activities such as exploring Taman Ayun Temple, Alas Kedaton Temple, and others.

Tanah Lot Tour And Places of Interest :

Here are places of interest to complete your Tanah Lot Tour:

1.     Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah lot sunset

It is a Balinese Hindu temple in the middle of the sea. It is constructed on the rock that can be your last stop for your tour. The temple looks beautiful especially to watch during the sunset time. There are many spot points to view this temple so you can get the spectacular view of the sunset and ocean, as well. People  named Tanah lot because it means it is a small island that floats on the sea.

2.     Alas Kedaton Temple

alas kedaton tour
   It is another stop to complete your Tanah Lot Tour. The temple is actually a small forest. The site is in the middle of rice field with a group of monkeys there. Also, the temple is a good habitat for wild animals like a bird, bat, and monkeys. Talking about the temple, it is in the middle of the forest. Balinese believed that the monkeys are the protector of the temple from any bad things.

3.     Taman Ayun Temple

Taman ayun temple

    The location of this temple is in Mengwi District. If you are in Denpasar Town, it only takes about 45 minutes to reach this site. It can be your first stop if you are touring in Tanah Lot. The temple has a beautiful Bali architecture with 10 stories that form this building.
    Additionally, the temple is constructed on flat land. There is a big fish pond that surrounds the temple with its historical values. Therefore, it is the part of World Heritage List.

    Those are the details about your Tanah Lot Tour and itinerary guide.
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