Bali Watersports

Bali Water Sports Tour For Family Vacation
Bali Water Sports tour would be so much fun if you also bring your family to Bali. There, you can enjoy the challenging marine activities. Kids would be so excited because this island offers days full of fun. There are many water activities you can try from motorizes to non-motorizes.

Marine Adventures In Bali Water Sports Tour
If you wonder what you can do to enjoy marine adventures, here are the following activities to do:

1.     Flyboard
bali watersport Flyboard
Challenge yourself to ride a Flyboard in the water. It is a new adventure activity that is great because the technique is not easy. If you are great in water skiing, snowboarding, and surfing, this activity is so advancing and so much fun.
2.     Parasailing
bali water sport prasailing
Parasailing is so much fun that you can forget all your problems during your holiday in Bali. Also, Parasailing is safe because it is connected to your speed boat with a rope. It is amazing to see the beautiful view from the top.
3.     Jet Ski
bali jetski watersport
Get ready with your enjoyable experience to ride a jet ski in Bali islands. Jet Ski is one of the best water activities you must do during your trip to Bali.
4.     Donut Boat  
bali donut boat
This is one of the most popular games. It is a new game, and it is a little bit similar to Banana Boat. The difference is shape. Like a donut, you can ride it there with your family or friends to enjoy an exciting adventure.
5.     Water Ski
Bali watersport
Take your time and relax to enjoy your Bali Water Sports tur. You can use this water ski board and let the powerboat pull it so you can go around the beach area. It is amazing to stand upright and then hold the tow rope for a fun watersport activity around the beach.
6.     Flying Fish
Bali watersport flying fish
What you should do is to sit at the side of the tube fish. After that, hold on tightly and you will fly around the beach.
7.     Banana Boat
bali watersport banana boat
Ride this inflatable boat for your water activities around Tanjung benoa beach with your family and friends.
8.     Snorkeling
bali snorkeling
Enjoy snorkeling on this island. The view of the underwater world will amaze you.

Other Bali Water Sports tour and activities you can do are glass bottom boat, ocean walker, and diving. So, enjoy your holiday!
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