Bali kintamani tour

A Complete Guide Of Bali Kintamani Tour
    Bali Kintamani Tour is about visiting the active volcano and Batur Lake. It is one of the popular destinations in Bali because the site offers a breathtaking view. Many visitors explained that you should not miss this destination, especially if you love nature. Mount Batur Volcano and Lake Batur in Kintamani Village makes your holiday is impressive. Eventually, you can still visit other tourist destinations.

    What will you do on this tour? By planning the Bali Kintamani Tour, you can visit some places of attractions near Kintamani village as below:

1.     Watching Barong and Keris Dance Performance

ubud tour barong dance

     For this attraction, it is also popular as the Trance Dance. Probably, Barong is the most popular dance. It tells you the story of good and evil. Also, Trance Dance is a classic way of how Balinese acts out mythology. Therefore, it is all about their myth and history.

2.     Visiting Celuk Village

ubud silvermith

     Why should you visit this village?
So, this village is interesting. It is one of the most popular villages in Bali. Also, it becomes a tourist destination. The reason is the local residents have innovative programs. The locals are quite proactive when it comes to gold and silver crafts. In this village, it is the home for artistic, skillful, and professional crafters. They work to design and develop silver and gold in various crafts.

3.     Visit Batuan Village

art painting in bali

    Another village you must visit during your Bali Kintamani Tour is Batuan Village. In this village, you will find some amazing fine art gallery. Also, there are many iconic Batuan paintings to see. The paintings are often dark that tells the legendary scenes or themes such as animal monsters, daily life, and witches.

4.     Visit Kintamani Village

batur kintamani

     So, it is the countryside in a hill with an amazing panorama. The Kintamani Village has a beautiful view with its active volcano, Batur Mount. Also, there is a wide lake, called Batur Lake. The weather is cool with its unique and stunning view in the day time and night. Besides, the natural scenery is at its best especially if you go to Penelokan.

5.     Goa Gajah Temple

elephant cave ubud

     Goa Gajah Temple can be the last destination to complete your Bali Kintamani Tour. It is also popular as Elephant Cave Temple. Besides, this tourism object is the ancient omission. It is full of art and history. There, you can find ancient omissions like douche, stone idol, temple, and others.
    Those are all places you must visit when you are near Kintamani Village. Surely, you will never regret to explore the village. So, take your time, and enjoy your trip.
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