Ubud Tours for solo traveler

Essential Tips About Ubud Tours for Solo Travelers

What are your reasons when you take Ubud tours for solo travelers? Some of us go there for soul searching. For some writers, Ubud is the best place to write for themselves, not for their audience. Others may go there to reconnect their creativity and to learn to be patient, loving themselves, and kind. Even more, spending some days in Ubud makes you feel happy and relaxed. So, if you consider solo travel in this tourist destination, you should make something unforgettable in your trip as below.

1. Where To Stay In Ubud

You can stay in an eco-friendly resort that offers a beautiful view of rice paddies. Take Bambu Indah as a nice example of a beautiful resort with bungalow-style room, farmhouse table, and farm cuisine. It is all about the natural feel.
But, if you look for luxury Ubud tours for solo travelers, you should head to Bisma Eight. This boutique hotel offers a modern suite, lavish and forest view with its amazing in-house cuisine.

2. Ubud Tours For Solo Travelers To Eat

For this one, there are some options available. If you want to go to a café, you can try Café Pomegranate that is a stellar cafe with local farmers to watch to the rice paddies. Also, there is a nice place to enjoy the Acai bowl. You can go to Watercress located in Ubud City Center. Acai bowls are a bowl of fresh fruit and Gogi berries. But, if you want health nuts and raw vegans, you should head to Alchemy as the first vegan restaurant with 100% raw vegan menus.

3. Place To Pamper

You can take an incredible spa with the transcendent experience of one-hour Balinese massage. Additionally, you can try for a hot flower bath. The cost can vary, depends on the places you visit. For example, if you go to Karsa Spa, the cost to enjoy the massage and hot flower bath are about $20USD. That is enough and even affordable. Besides, if you live in New York, you need to pay for $300 to get the same treatments. Before you are going to the spa, it is better to make sure to book an appointment in advance.

4. Place To Zen Out

Ubud tours for solo travelers are so beautiful that you can choose Ubud to start meditation and yoga by watching to the rice paddies. For this experience, you will get it if you visit Ubud Yoga House. Shila, an expat from Seattle found this yoga house.

5. Things To Do

If you have a plan for Ubud tours for solo travelers, here are several things to do in Ubud:

  • Enjoy craft market to find affordable souvenirs.
  • Follow cooking class or local food market.
  • Enjoy the Tegallalang rice terraces to rejuvenate your mind.
  • Head to Pure Ulun Danu Bratan Lake Temple.

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