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Hi everyone, my name is Wayan Sam. I was born and raised in Amed,Bali. My goal creating this website is to provide information about the beauty of Bali and its customs. We also offer transportation services for all places in Bali. We provide fast boat tickets to Gili's island and Nusa Lembongan. We offer a variety of tour packages with a reasonable price. We join work with various services of trekking, rafting, sailing and others company in Bali. so you can order with us and makes everything simple and fast. 
I am the owner of the Leva Tour and Travel website is collaboration with local experienced taxi drivers. our hope is that tourists always choose local Balinese. why, because we are Balinese who keeps our traditions, religion and culture that are very famous in the world. without any help from the tourists by giving the job to the local, is more difficult to keep our culture and our tradition. So, we hope the tourists always choose the local balinese people.
for the traveler do not hesitate to order the tour package with us and we are ready to accompany you to the best places all arround in Bali. 

Make it simple, book now and pay direct to the driver.
You can contact us by the address shown below:
  • Call : +6285 852 857 119
  • Whatsapp : +6285 880 288 627
  • Email : sampurnacher@gmail.com
"We hope your vacation will be memorable in Bali"

Best Regard;

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