Virgin Beach

Virgin Beach

    Bali is the center of tourism in indonesia, not only famous for its culture and its natural beauty, bali is also famous for its beach beauty. One of the most famous beaches in bali is Virgin beach. Located in karangasem regency, precisely in Bugbug village. From denpasar this place is approximately take 2.5 hours drive.

    White sand beach, or better known by the name of this virgin beach has a 600 meters long Beach, flanked by two small hills, so it presents a very beautiful scenery. On the beach is also famous for the beauty of coral reefs and also there are many ornamental fish. And if you are lucky, you can see the turtles that are swimming in the sea.

    This beach is perfect place for relaxing because far from the center of the crowd. Around this area there are no hotel, or villas that add to the natural feel of this area. While on the beach there are many restaurants that provide food and beverages.

    So for those of you who want a natural beach atmosphere, white sand, virgin beach can be the right choice. We offer tour packages that you can choose yourself as an addition to your tour destination in addition to the virgin beach, so that in one trip you can visit some tourist attractions in karangasem.

Special Offer

Tour price : IDR 450.000 / USD 35,00
Covered Area : Amed, Tulamben. Lets us know if you are from different area.
maximum pax : 5 person
Price included :
·         Good car and driver with english speaking
·         Car with fuel and air condition
·         Parking fee
·         Pick Up and drop to your hotel.

Booking Now :
Phone : +6285 857 852 119
Whatsapp : +6285 880 288 627

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  2. It was wondering if I could use this write-up on my other website, I will link it back to your website though.Great Thanks. Bolt Posts

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