Ubud Tour

Ubud Tour

    Ubud is one of the arts and cultural centers in Bali. Ubud visited by many domestic tourists and foreign tourists. With the support of tourism facilities ubud become the main destination of foreign tourists who visit Bali.
Here we offer tour packages to some popular tourist attractions in ubud area, with one trip you can visit some famous attractions in this area. Here we also offer a choice of places to visit , so do not wait anymore booking soon for this best tour package.

Place option to visit in Ubud :

Rice terrace Tegalalang

Tegalalang is one of the popular tourist attraction that presents terraced rice field scenery and is one of the best Rice terrace in Bali. This tourist attraction is located in Ceking village, District Tegalalang, Gianyar regency, Bali. This place provides great natural scenery, its neatly arranged rice fields look like a ladder. There are also coconut trees that add to the beautiful scenery in this place.
For visitors, it has been provided special places to see this scene, so you can perfectly capture the moment and the scenery presented. If you want longer while resting, you can relax in the restaurant around the location while just enjoying a drink by looking at the natural beauty of rice fields.
If you want to know more about rice fields in Tegalalang, you can also directly go down to the rice fields along the bunds of rice fields here. Get closer to the irrigation system (Subak), rice processing, seeding, maintenance and harvest time. So do not miss your holiday to Bali without visiting  Tegalalang rice terrace.

Batuan Traditional Village

       The village of Batuan Ubud is one of the most famous traditional villages in Bali. The village is located in Sukawati area, Gianyar, Bali. Many domestic tourists and foreign tourists who visit this village. This village is famous for its traditional house that has been hundreds of years old. The traditional village house has its own charm, the village is also known for its art of painting and carving.
     So for those of you who like art and something classic, this place becomes the right choice to visit.

Elephant Cave

Goa elephant is a cave that serves as a place of worship for the hindhu, this cave is located in the village bedulu, Blahbatu district, gianyar district, Bali. In 1954 to 1979 the researchers excavated and found an ancient holyspring with 6 female statues with a chest shower and until now its existence in belief can give the aura of vibration to the visitors. This cave is engraved on a hard rock that extends outward 5.75 meters from the stone wall, measuring 6.75 meters high and 8.6 meters wide. Cave surfaces decorated with leaf motifs, rocks, demons, monkeys, and pigs.
 UNESCO records this cave as a world heritage in the tentative list (waiting for certainty) on 19 October 1995 in the field of culture.

Monkey Forest

Monkey forest is one of the most popular tourist attractions in ubud, located in Padangtegal, Ubud Village, Gianyar. Tourist attraction Monkey Forest has an area of about 10 hectares, located near the center of ubud monkey forest is very much visited by local and foreign tourists. Here we can interact directly with the many monkeys that inhabit this area. In this area there are many large tree trees and there are also some temples. For tourists it is advisable to follow all the rules that exist here because this area and also the monkeys who inhabit it very sacred by local residents. Monkey forest is an interesting tour for those of you who want to enjoy a natural atmosphere.

Tour Price : IDR 600.000 / USD 45,00
Maximum: 5 pax
Price included :
·         Good car and driver with english speaking
·         Car with fuel and air condition
·         Parking fee
·         Pick Up and drop to your hotel 

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