Bali Singaraja tour

Gigit Waterfall

This waterfall is located in the mountains Gitgit, precisely located in the Git-git Village, District Sukasada, Buleleng, Bali. About 11 kilometers from the city of Singaraja, while from Denpasar is approximately 90 km. To reach the location of the waterfall, from the parking we have to walk several hundred meters with a natural field that passes through rice fields and clove and coffee plantation.  Waterfall with 48 meters hight offers stunning scenery, cliffs and shrubs and tropical trees adorned around this waterfall. So for tourists who want to see a waterfall with a natural landscape, gitgit waterfall can be the best choice.
There is 3 differents places of the Git-git waterfall.

- The first Waterfall 

is Twin Falls you have to go down a path and stairs to get there.Twin Falls as the name suggests, consists of two adjoining waterfalls. Both waterfalls are not very high but the current is quite swift. Below the waterfall there is a small pond with very clear and cold water. This waterfall is sheltered in a narrow cliff so it is a bit dark. Green trees that surround the waterfall make the atmosphere cool and beautiful.

-The second Waterfall 
is a continuation of the Twin Falls. The source water comes from Twin Falls watershed. The second waterfall is a bit higher than Twin Falls, it is sixty metres high and as the water falls, it looks like white clouds falling down the mountain one after another. The falling water almost completely covers the rock face of the fall. 

-The third Waterfall

is called Waterfall Story. You can only see this waterfall from the bridge it is not so high but quite beautiful. The water is very clean and clear. This Waterfall is located under the bridge and covered by trees. You cannot see this waterfall from the front.

There are beautiful waterfalls in Bali that deserve your visit. Some are easy to reach, others are more challenging. Most waterfalls are in the mountains in North Bali.  


Lovina Beach is located 10 km west of singaraja, precisely in Kalibukbuk village, buleleng regency, Bali. Lovina very famous with wild dolphins attraction on the sea. To be able to see this dolphin show, the tourists must rent a fishing boat that is specially provided for the tourists in this place. Early in the morning, before sunrise we have to go to where the dolphins are located, which is approximately 1 km from the beach. In this place there are hundreds of dolphins that will be seen usually from 6 -8 am. So very interesting,not only see the beautiful sunrise but also we can see the attraction of dolphins on the sea.

Air Sanih
Air Sanih is a located about 17 km east of singaraja city, Bali. According to legend, this place is a place of bath for young couples to make their relationship more sustainable. According to people's beliefs in this place, the source of water comes from the lake Batur a distance of tens of kilometers away. Sanih Water Tours is located on the edge of the beach, and also away from the crowd so this place is suitable for use as a place of relaxation. the swimming pool that serves the sea view consists of 2 pools, one pool for adults and another one for children. So Air Sanih tour can be an alternative tourism for you who are traveling to singaraja.

Special offer 
Tour Price : IDR 750.000 / USD 60,00
Maximum : 5 pax
Covered area, tulamben, Amed, Candisasa. Lets us know if you are in different area.
Price included :
·         Good car and driver with english speaking
·         Car with fuel and air condition
·         Parking fee
·         Pick Up and drop to your hotel

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