Jemeluk the sunset point

Jemeluk beach is located on the coastal area of Purwakerti Village, district of,Abang, Karangasem regency. It is about 101 km in distance from Denpasar or about 21 km from Amlapura the capital town.This place can be reached by car through asphalted road from Amlapura via Seraya village or via abang distrik.
This place of interest has abundant visitors especially those of marine lover activities
like : diving,snorkelling, swimming, canoing, etc.

 The main attraction of this place is certainly its underwater life.It has clear and steady water, beautiful coral layer on which various kinds of decorative tropical fish live. Some efforts have been done to build more coral-reefs as to proceed the growing process of the newly grown up coral, so that the population of decorative fish and other under water vegetation can be increased and the beach coral can be well preserved. The supporting attraction is the local’s salting ground along Amed towards Jemeluk beach, beside the breath taking panorama over viewed from the high – land over Jemeluk with Mt. Agung seen in the distance, hills with valleys while the vast blue ocean adorned with rows of the fishermen’s traditional rowing boats catching fish.


 Some hotels, restaurant, homestay, minimarket are available arround there, mostly visitors come especially looking for quiet and natural places.The local fishermen also prepare their traditional rowing boats for marine activities like : sailing, diving, snorkelling, etc.

Tourist Visit
Marine resort of Jemeluk is wellknown among foreign visitors mainly those of marine – lovers.The water is quite clear throughout the year, safe and shallow,while the beauty of its underwater garden with various kinds of tropical decorative fish has also been favourite among foreign

The history about Jemeluk is almost unknown since there is no manuscript ever found. However, some elderly people of Jemeluk give information that the name “Jemeluk” had been known far before the kingdom of Karangasem existed and that the area used to belong to Culik sub – district (“Perbekel”), It is told that the word “Jemeluk” derived from the word “menyeluk” (receded), so “Jemeluk” means “the receded sea”. This place of interest is more and more known among those who are fond of diving, snorkling and other activities.When the asphalted road from Amed to Seraya is finished, this beach is even more popular since it is easier to reach.The locals earn their living on fishing and raising catties due to the land texture, the small frequency of rainfall so that the land is rather dry and barren, however the beauty of the combination between mountain and vast seaview with tough clif framing the area has been a spectacular attraction to the visitors.

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